Dr Adele Holland with baby Harry Wilson. A heavily pregnant junior doctor had to rush from a picket line to have an emergency Caesarian during Wednesday’s industrial action. See NTI story NTIBABY. Adele Holland, who was 36 weeks pregnant, had spent nearly four hours at a “meet the doctors” event at Leicester Clock Tower explaining why she and her colleagues were on strike, when she began to feel something was wrong with her baby. Dr Holland, from Syston, Leicester, said she became aware her baby was making fewer movements, and they were not as regular as they had been. The 28-year-old said: “I rang the maternity assessment unit and was told to go in straight away, and so I packed up my placards and went in.” Within 30 minutes Adele had seen two consultants who said there was virtually no fluid round the baby, and that it had to be delivered straight away. Dr Holland was given a general anaesthetic and her son was delivered. Mum and baby, Harry Wilson, who weighed 5lbs 11oz, are now doing well.

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