Stretched limo clamped while awaiting service


A parking official was stretching it yesterday (Weds) after clamping this – stretched LIMO.

The white limousine was clamped after it was parked outside a garage ahead of a service.

An eagle-eyed official put a clamp on over the weekend at an industrial estate in Exeter, Devon.

One employee of the garage said: ”What are we to do when untaxed cars come in for MOT? We have to put them somewhere.

”If they came during the week when people are here then fine. During the weekend is underhand tactics.”

A spokesman for NSL, the clamping firm, said owners of untaxed vehicles which had not been declared off-road would be fined.

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  1. Cut the clamp off and send them the bill for the grinding disc. They’ll soon get the message. Cowboy-clamping is going to be illegal in 2011 so these guys are coining it in whilst they still can. Funniest story I ever heard was about a clamper who clamped the car of a very large burly man. The clamper clicked the lock just as the cars owner returned with his bag of chips. The dialogue was on the lines of “Take it off!” “No” BOP! “Are you going to take it off now?” “No” BOP! After the third bop and with his nose bleeding the clamper relented but they evidently get as lot of money out of their slimy trade.


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