Streetwise – A new independent street paper to launch in September


Homeless Definition

StreetWise is on its way. What is StreetWise? StreetWise is a new, affordable independent weekly street paper. Who is StreetWise? We are Streetwise: our vendors, our staff, our volunteers, readers, and the general public.

StreetWise is anyone who is ready tackle homelessness in a realistic and positive way. Our mission is to to empower those who are truly homeless to reclaim their place in society, through incentive, self-discipline, and a ground breaking community reward scheme.

Founded by Dave Wotherspoon, a Royal Engineer veteran, who has experienced homelessness and street paper culture, and Jennifer Marshall, conscript and happy collaborator. StreetWise was conceived in the belief that homelessness cannot be solved by individuals, but by communities.

Our StreetWise community will also feature three monthly supplements: Stood Down, our street paper for service veterans; Under the Rainbow, a voice for the LBGT community; and Crash, a street paper for youth culture.
Streetwise will fill a niche for an affordable, independent, UK-wide street paper and is set to launch from Manchester, in September 2016.


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