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Steven Spielberg arrives in Devon to film new movie War Horse


Director Steven Spielberg arrived on set today to begin filming his latest movie – on a remote moorland in Devon.

Spielberg, 63, is using windswept Dartmoor as a location for his upcoming adaptation of the novel War Horse.

The film will take three months to make and is based on a book by British author Michael Morpurgo .

Gallery of Steven Spielberg on set of War Horse

Production crews have already been on location for a week-and-a-half preparing the site for filming.

But the ET and Saving Private Ryan director delayed his arrival to attend Chelsea Clinton’s wedding on Saturday.

Residents of the tiny moorland village of Meavy were left starstruck when Spielberg arrived to begin working on the movie.

One source working on set said: ”It’s all a bit mad and crazy down here with lots going on on set. It’s hard to imagine that Spielberg is filming in this neck of the woods.”

Actors involved in the film include Oscar-nominated Emily Watson and David Thewlis, who played Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter films.

Lynsey Glazier, who works in the Royal Oak pub in Meavy, said the crew had been visiting the pub each day.

She added: ”A lot of the crew working on the set have been coming in for lunch. They have all been really nice people.

”There’s a real buzz around here. It is early days. The set is being put together, it’s quite exciting.”

Spielberg is rumoured to have rented a hotel in Newton Abbot, Devon, with security tightening around the location.

Rosie Bates, general manager of visit Devon, said: ”It’s great news there will be filming in Devon for what seems a high profile film.

”Dartmoor provides an ideal backdrop for storytelling and is no stranger to it, myths and legends being synonymous with the moor.”

War Horse was penned by Devon writer Michael Morpurgo, who used his home village of Iddesleigh as the location for part of the novel.

The book tells the moving story of a horse sold to the cavalry and then shipped to France during the First World War, and his young owner’s mission to bring him home.

Mr Morpurgo said: ”I know they are filming on Dartmoor and in London. I am excited and I hope to go on set and see it.

”It is going to be a big event. I love the idea of bringing the countryside to people all over the world.”



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