Star Wars fans feel the force at Bristol comic convention


Sci-fi fans got all steamed up at a comic book convention this weekend as they dressed in full Star Wars costumes – in 35C heat.

Stunned drivers in Bristol watched in disbelief as the Star Wars fanatics descended on the city on Saturday.

Dressed in full uniform – including body armour and helmet – the sci-fi fans endured the sweltering heat as the temperature in the suits reached a staggering 35C.

Joining the stormtroopers was Darth Vader, Snowtroopers, a Bike Scout and a female Tusken raider – all of which were members of the Star Wars costume club UK Garrison.

Member Scott Phipps, 36, from Frome, Somerset, helped co-ordinate the day and said Darth struggled in the heat more than most.

Scott, 36, Frome Somerset: ”Some of the lads were getting a bit hot in their uniforms but we had a rotation policy going on to make sure no-one dehydrated.

”It can get pretty sweaty in those suits, but we all love Star Wars and really enjoy dressing up for the day – it was great fun.

”Darth struggled the most, as he was obviously in black and the costume absorbed the heat.”

”It was really busy this morning. All the comic artists are signing. Drivers were stopping and hanging out of their windows to take photos.

”I don’t think many could believe what they were seeing.”

They were in Bristol for the International comic convention, where an array of rare sci-fi memorabilia was auctioned.


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