Spurned lover tries to frame his ex for attempted murder… by stabbing HIMSELF


A spurned lover has been jailed after trying to frame his ex-girlfriend for attempted murder – by stabbing HIMSELF.

Aleksander Laczmanski, 33, plunged a kitchen knife into his own stomach after his partner tried to walk out on him.

The woman protested her innocence but was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, led from her home in handcuffs – and held in custody for 11 hours.

The mother-of-two’s “nightmare” ordeal was only over the next day when cruel Laczmanski finally admitted his wound was self-inflicted.

Plymouth Crown Court heard he had subjected her to years of domestic abuse before the shocking incident on November 25 last year.

Judge Graham Cottle jailed Laczmanski for a total of three years for lying to police and assault.

He told him: “You are a possessive and jealous man who seeks to control and dominate.

“Your partner was subjected to the humiliating experience of being arrested like a common criminal. She was a completely innocent woman.”

Prosecutor Nigel Hall said the Polish couple had been together for five years and lived with their young son and a child from the woman’s previous relationship.

Mr Hall said their “stressful” relationship culminated in a blazing row where the frightened woman tried to flee their house in Plymouth, Devon.

Laczmanski responded by telling her she “should not be alive” before he grabbed her head with both hands and “squeezed it like a vice.”

The court heard Laczmanski then picked up a small knife from the kitchen – but instead of attacking the woman he plunged it into his own abdomen.

Mr Hall said: “He looked up at his partner and told her: ‘I will tell them that you did it’. She was shocked and terrified.”

The woman called an ambulance but when police arrived Laczmanski told the police verbally and then in a statement that his partner had stabbed him.

Later that night, however, he told officers he did not want to support a prosecution and the following day he admitted he had lied.

His ex-partner, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the court in a statement: “I have suffered the worst nightmare of my life.

“I was taken out of the house in handcuffs in front of the neighbours accused of attempted murder.

“I was worried that I would not see my children. I was the one who was the victim of assault and blackmail.”

Will Willden, defending, said Laczmanski was hard working, reliable and “extremely remorseful” about the shocking incident.

He added: “What started this incident was him being told this relationship was over. He didn’t cope very well or very maturely.

“This was not premeditated. That rash action and statements made to the police were simply not thought through.”

Laczmanski, who came to the UK in 2010, admitted perverting the course of justice and common assault.

Judge Cottle also handed him an indefinite restraining order preventing him from contacting his partner.


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