Spring Cleaning for Summer


Whether you’re looking to get your place summer party ready, or you’re looking to sell up quickly, most people will want to freshen their homes up for summer. No matter what your purpose, here are some ways to get your home prepared for the long Summer ahead!

The Deep Clean

One of the joys of Spring is inevitably the annual Spring Clean. It might seem like a big task, but the results far outweigh the labour involved. A must do checklist for the ultimate deep clean should include:

  • Dusting and wiping walls and ceilings.
  • Re-grouting between tiles.
  • Shampooing and hoovering your rugs and carpets.
  • Dusting any shelves, including the books DVDs or nick nacks you have on them.
  • Dusting your entire home thoroughly.
  • Changing smoke detector batteries – yes, it’s not to do with cleanliness, but if you make a point of doing this when doing the Spring clean you’re not likely to forget. Safety first!
  • Polishing the windows, glassware, and mirrors.
  • Having a big old clear out! Get rid of your old stuff – if it’s still in good condition giving it to charity is a great way of doing this. Make space for the freshness of Summer!

Rethink Your Colour Scheme

If you tend to flow your colours with the seasons, chances are you’ll be due to upgrade from festive reds and luscious plums, to something a little more fitting.

  • It’s important to think “fresh”.
  • The botanical look is also another MUST have in the Spring/Summer months. The use of greens and pinks paired with current white minimalist trend makes for a beautiful and open room.
  • Pastels are the new neutrals. Milky, ice-cream type colours really soften the mood, and pair perfectly with metal accessories, such as rose gold and brass. These combined creates a bright and modern room.
  • Of course, yellow is the ultimate brightening colour. The thought of it may seem a little much, but there is a shade for everybody, and this will really bring in the (possibly) beautiful weather we’ll have, into your home. Whether you go for a mustard, turmeric, or lemon shade, it’s bound to bring the sunshine inside – even if we’re missing it outside!

Accessorise Correctly

  • Something as small as a change in air freshener is a must for the new season! Wave a fond farewell to pumpkin spice and cinnamon apple for a few months, and say hello to mango smoothies and pina coladas. We often associate smells with feelings and places, and bringing smells that remind you of your holidays into the home really sets the tone for the summer season.
  • Invest in one (or more) houseplants. This brings the outdoors inside, especially for those who may not have a garden. Not only are certain plants air purifying, and therefore good for your environment, but they’ll bring the room to life and give it a tropical feel.
  • Switch your heavy winter curtains to something lighter weight, and let the natural light flood your home.
  • Likewise, remember to switch your bedding/cushion covers/throws to something lighter and more floral!

Don’t Forget the Garden!

If you’re lucky enough to have one, surely this is where you’ll be planning your (weather dependant) BBQs and late night fiestas to take place – so you’ll want it looking it’s best.

  • Weed and mow your lawn. After doing it, you’ll be surprised at how well this frees up some much desired space for other activities.
  • Jazz up your flower beds! Plant bulbs and flowers that are renowned for blooming all Summer long. Some prime examples are Phlox, Hardy Hibiscus, and Perennial Geraniums.
  • Make sure you’re party ready. If you want to go all out, renew your tired, age-old garden furniture. If not, simply spruce up what you have with a lick of paint and some new outdoor cushions.
  • Don’t neglect the notion of a summer BBQ. If you don’t yet have one, invest in a decent one. If you do have one, chances are it hasn’t been touched since at least last summer so make sure you degrease and clean it so it’s ready to go! It is after all, the BBQ’s time to shine.
  • Think of the evening aesthetic too. A chiminere is great for when those nights get a little bit chilly, but the party isn’t quite over. As a bonus, you can toast marshmallows on them, so they make for a cheap and effective dessert for guests. Solar powered fairy lights are also a beautiful and energy efficient way to keep your garden bright and twinkling, well into the night.

So there you have it, how to get your home ready for the Summer, in the Spring. Although it may seem like a short time frame in which to sell up in the best months, following the effective steps and using websites such as Ready Steady Sell provide an alternative to estate agents and can be a straightforward solution to your problem. Even if you’re not looking to sell, you’ll feel like you’re in a brand new home by the time you’re finished!


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