Sportsman’s life saved after being hit in the groin and doctor’s discover cancer


A sportsman’s life has been saved after he was hit in the groin with a lacrosse ball – and doctors discovered he had cancer.

Edward Solly, 25, was taking part in a training game when his good friend Joey Burnett accidentally caught him in the testicles.

The eye-watering injury forced Edward to sit out the rest of the session as his left testicle painfully swelled up.

When there was no improvement the following day he went to the doctor who immediately referred him to oncology specialists.

They found he had stage 2a testicular cancer – which could have killed him.

Medics removed his left testicle and he is now undergoing a course of chemotherapy and is expected to make a full recovery.

Relieved Edward, married to teacher Chloe, 27, has already had some of his sperm frozen as insurance to make sure they can still have a family together.

He said: “Joey is one of my good friends and I now realise he saved my life.

“When the swelling didn’t go down I knew I had to go to the doctors.

“It was a shock to discover I had cancer and I would lose my testicle.

“I would never have known I had it because there were no symptoms – no lumps. It was right in the middle, so even checking wouldn’t have found anything.”

IT technician Edward, of Maidstone, Kent, added: “My prognosis is very good. I just need to finish my chemotherapy and then I can carry on with my life.”

“No one, apart from my wife, will realise I only have one ball.

“She has been really supportive through everything and I feel very lucky.

“I am a really relaxed guy so it hasn’t really bothered me, but I’m just trying to take it in my stride. There’s no point in panicking, or getting upset about it.”

Midfielder Edward was injured as he trained with Maidstone Red Wolves lacrosse team at the end of April and he had his testicle removed on May 7.

He started weekly chemotherapy on June 12 and has already shaved his head before his hair starts to fall out.

Team-mates at his lacrosse club are planning to shave their heads to show solidarity and raise funds for charity.

Edward is now urging all men to regularly check themselves and see their GP if they have any concerns.

He said:  “Your life is worth 10 seconds of embarrassment.

“It only takes about three seconds for the doctor to examine you and they have seen lots of testicles before so yours will be nothing new to them.”


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