Home News Spiritrual healer whol claims cancer is a ‘friend’ slammed my medical charity

Spiritrual healer whol claims cancer is a ‘friend’ slammed my medical charity

Faith healer Karma Singh
Faith healer Karma Singh
Faith healer Karma Singh
Faith healer Karma Singh

A spiritual teacher who claims “cancer is not a disease” but a “friend” was slammed today for his “irresponsible and dangerous” views by a leading medical charity.

Karma Singh, who has no medical qualifications, claims his healing, which he believes is entirely different to medicine, can combat tumours.

In a number of online videos, known as “healing transmission” the self-confessed maverick states that by using physics’ quantum field theory he can transmit an ‘energy’ which will heal the viewer.

Singh, who lives in Germany, defended this view during an interview with the BBC where he claimed cancer was an “emergency solution for a problem”.

In the interview with local BBC channel Points West, which covers the West Country, Singh said: “Cancer is not a disease, it is an emergency solution for a problem.

“Cancer is one of the ways in which your body can reduce the very high level of toxicity by focusing toxins in particular parts of the body, these are what we call tumours.

“Cancer is your friend, it keeps you alive in a state of high toxicity.

“What that tells you however is that there is a big problem that you have got to work with but you have got to find out where the toxicity is coming from.

“You’ve got to work out why your normal detoxification systems aren’t working properly and you’ve got to correct them.

“This is basically all that I and others do.

“We look at this person, we work out, ‘ok where are they getting these toxins from, why isn’t the body rejecting them’ and we work on these problems.

“And when the toxins are no longer present your body no longer needs these special cells and will just take them apart itself.”

Singh said he first heard of the practice after meeting American Dr Leonard Coldwell who, after using the controversial methods, lost only 230 patients to the disease out of 20,000 participants.

During the 20 minute interview Singh explained his contentious view that cancer cells were not an accident and were instead a way the body consumed toxins.

The excentric believes that cancer emerges through a build-up of the toxins, and to cure the disease the source of the poisons must be addressed – through the transfer of energy.

And Singh’s beliefs may contravene the Cancer Act 1939, which prohibits the publication of any advertising offering treatment, prescribing remedies or giving advice on the treatment of cancer.

When confronted he admitted his involvement with a website which claimed medicine was not an appropriate technique for dealing with cancer, and claimed medicine did not “deal with the problem”.

He said: “If you look at it in the medical sense then medicine attacks the cancer, it attacks the solution, it doesn’t deal with the problem.

“What Coldwell does and what I do, we look at what the real problem and how do we resolve the resolve the real problem.

“The problem isn’t the cancer the problem is what has caused your body to react by producing a cancer.

“It’s a completely different world, we’re not in the world of medicine, we’re in the world of healing.”

Yesterday Cancer Research UK slammed Singh’s beliefs and called them “irresponsible and dangerous”.

Martin Ledwick, head information nurse at the charity, said: “It is irresponsible and dangerous to promote theories that have no basis in scientific fact and we would strongly recommend that people don’t replace scientifically proven treatments with alternatives that have no evidence to support them.

“If you have any concerns about this or any other questions related to cancer, you can contact our nurses on the freephone helpline on 0808 800 4040.”



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