BRITAIN – Jonathan James

FILE PICTURE, dated November 23, 2011 of Paratrooper, Private Jonathan James, 25. Refer to NTI story NTISOLDIER. The death of a baby who was violently shaken by his paratrooper dad could have been prevented because authorities knew about his father’s
violent past, a shocking report has revealed. Tragic Theo Davies was just six-months-old when he collapsed at his
home on August 24 2009 while in the care of his soldier Jonathan James – who was on leave from the Armed Forces. Little Theo suffered extensive bleeding behind the eyes and died of severe brain injuries at hospital the next day. A court heard Private James, 26, violently shook his son to death in a fit of rage in a “momentary loss of temper or control” while Theo’s mother Leanne Davies was at the shops fetching milk. James, from Stourport, Worcs, denied killing his son but was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to five years in prison at
Worcester Crown Court in December last year.
(Photo: Anita Maric / newsteam).

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