Slimmer : Dad Who Was Bullied At School For Being Fat Has Last Laugh After Transforming Into Super Toned Hunk

Arann Thornhill has transformed from his time at school when he was bullied about his weight.
Arann Thornhill has transformed from his time at school when he was bullied about his weight.
Arann Thornhill has transformed from his time at school when he was bullied about his weight.

A dad shamed into going the gym by cruel bullies who called him MR BLOBBY at school has had the last laugh – and transformed into a muscle-bound hunk.

Arann Thornhill, 31, gorged on burgers, crisps and fizzy pop when he moved into a pub with his mum aged 13.

He put on a staggering six stone in 12 months to tip the scales at a whopping 17 stone when he was just 14-years-old.

Classmates taunted Arann, whose waist had ballooned to a belt-busting 48 inches, and called him “fatty”, “chubster” and even “Mr Blobby”.

But after moving schools, cutting out junk food and fizzy drinks, and hitting the gym at 16 Arran lost an incredible six stone in a year.

After shedding the pounds he had to have a tummy tuck at 19, before hitting the weights hard in his 20s.

In the past few months the 5ft 8ins dad-of-one has achieved his target and now weighs in at 12st 1lb, with a 32-inch waist and can bench press an impressive 140kg.

Arann Thornhill when he was a schoolboy
Arann Thornhill when he was a schoolboy

And his super-toned physique is attracting more attention then ever before from female admirers.

Arann, a plasterer and joiner from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs., said: “I was always a big kid, but when I moved into the pub with mum I drastically put on weight.

“I was like a fat kid in a sweet shop – I had unlimited coke on tap, crisps, free meals whenever I liked.

“There was this halogen oven we had that could cook up burgers and hot dogs from frozen in two minutes flat.

“I really piled it on in 12 months, and as we’d moved to a new area I changed schools and got bullied really badly.

“They would call me anything to do with the word fat in it, and I wore glasses so they would just call me ‘fatty with glasses’, or ‘chubster’.

“Mr Blobby was on TV at the time and they called me that a lot.”

Arann was bullied so badly he moved from Longton High to Edensor High aged 15 and started going to the gym and cut out the junk.

He traded Big Macs and chippie kebabs for salads and white meats and hit the treadmill and rowing machines to shed five stone in 12 months.

swns_blobby_slimmer_04Arann said: “At first I was embarrassed to go, and as it had been an effort just going up the stairs I could only walk on the treadmill.

“But after a few months I was able to run and it just started falling off me as I started rowing and on the cross-trainer.

“Mum had started doing Slim Fast at the same time and, although she didn’t go to the gym, we helped and encouraged each other.

“I lost so much weight I had a tummy tuck on the NHS when I was 17, because I had so much excess skin.”

Arann was going to the gym four times a week for one hour and by the time he was 17 weighed just 11-stone with a 32-inch waist.

In his 20s he got into body building and was often exercising twice a day five times a week to become a hulk-like 14-stone of muscle.

But Arann said: “I realised I had become addicted to exercise, but my diet was crap.

“I had fallen into bad habits again and was exercising well but eating take-aways or going out for meals too often.

“About 12 months ago it suddenly hit me that I was putting all this work in, but still looked chubby.

swns_blobby_slimmer_05“So I signed up to True Grit, a local gym, and went on a six-week fat loss programme and lost a stone and a half.

“Now I maintain my weight with high-intensity exercise and weight work four times a week.

“I eat about 2,100 calories a day, mainly white meat and salad.

“I want to go further and lose more, but I don’t focus on my weight – I focus on losing body fat around my waist.

“It’s definitely made me feel more confident in myself.”


Calories: 4,000 plus

Breakfast: Cheesey oat cakes

Snack: Crisps, fizzy drinks

Lunch: Burger, hot dog

Snack: Braising beef, chippie

Dinner: Pub grub, Big Mac


Calories: 2,100

Breakfast: Eggs, fish, chicken or steak

Snack: High-protein shake

Lunch: White meat, sweet potato, rice, green veg

Snack: High-protein shake

Dinner: White meat, sweet potato, rice, green veg


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