Anita, 32, (left) and her sister Nicola, 39, from Macclesfield. See swns story SWTWINS. A pair of sisters did a double take after doctors revealed they are BOTH pregnant with TWINS – due on the SAME DAY.Chuffed Nicola Piercewright, 39, and Anita Phillips, 32, never expected to fall pregnant together despite both desperately wanting more children.But when Anita revealed to her sister she was pregnant she was surprised to hear just a few weeks later that Nicola, known as Nicki, was too.As the elated pair celebrated their news doctors revealed to Anita she was expecting twins – and was told by her sister, “rather you than me”.But Nicola was then told she was also pregnant with twins, due on the same day as Anita’s.Nicola, from Macclesfield, Cheshire, said: “We couldn’t really believe it. We never thought we would fall pregnant at the same time.

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