Sisters become grandmothers – on the same day


Two sisters are celebrating after beating million-to-one odds to become grandmothers for the first time – on the SAME DAY.

Proud Beverley Warren, 49, and her sister Alison Moulder, 45, were stunned when the babies were born within hours of each other.

Beverley is now the proud grandmother of Lacie – born to her son Paul and his partner Stephanie – while Alison’s son Leigh and wife Aimee had their first son named Joshua.

Both new mums gave birth at a hospital in Exeter, Devon, on Wednesday with Lacie born at 3.54am followed by Joshua at 4pm.

Beverley said only a few ounces separated the birth weights with Lacie weighing just one pound heavier than Joshua.

She said: ”As sisters we are inseparable, just like twins really. We both live within walking distance of each other and we go on holiday together.

”We stick together like glue. All our lives we have been so close and now we have become grandmothers for the first time on the same day it’s a bonus.

”When we got married we were bridesmaids to each other on the wedding days.

”Our children are now calling us glamorous nannies and we are looking forward to the christenings which will be on the same day.”


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