The historic Hampton Court home of Sir Christopher Wren, England’s most famous architect, which is for the first time for sale through Savills with a £4.25 million guide price. See SWNS story SWWREN; Old Court House, where he lived in the early 18th Century, is the only house with an English Heritage blue plaque dedicated to the man who designed some of London’s most famous landmarks. Responsible for St Paul’s Cathedral, the Royal Naval College and the south side of Hampton Court Palace, Wren was appointed as the Royal Surveyor by King Charles II in 1669 and held the post for 49 years until 1718. At each palace the Royal Surveyor had lodgings and at Hampton Court Palace these were The Old Court House, whose origins date back to 1536. In 1708 Wren was granted a 50 year lease on the property by Queen Anne, in lieu of arrears of salary for building St Paul’s Cathedral. Wren carried out an almost complete overhaul of Old Court House after complaining of “great decay” in 1706. His dining room is now used as a study but the beautifully proportioned room, panelled in wood by Wren himself also includes a fine marble fireplace, the same he put in for King William III in his own dining room in Hampton Court Palace.

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