Sir Alex Ferguson reveals Wayne Rooney wants to leave Man United


Man United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed Wayne Rooney wants to leave the Premiership club.

At an Old Trafford press conference, Sir Alex Ferguson said: “I had a meeting with him. He intimated to me in his own way that he wanted to leave.

“We are as bemused as anyone can be, we can’t quite understand why he would want to leave.”

The announcement follows press speculation Rooney wanted to end his six-year tenure at the football giants after Ferguson left the off-form striker out of the starting line-up, claiming he had suffered an ankle injury.

Rooney had rebuked these injury claims while on international duty last week, admitting he had been fully fit all season.

Sir Alex Ferguson added: “It’s disappointing because we have done everything we possibly can to help Wayne Rooney ever since he came to the club.

“We’ve always been there as a harbour for him.

“Any time he’s been in trouble, the advice we’ve given him – I’ve even been prepared to give him financial advice, many times.”

Rooney joined Man United in a controversial move from north-west rivals Everton in 2004. The signing prompted a series of death threats from Everton fans who were angry about him crossing the M62 to join United.

And this announcement will surely lead to interest from United’s bitter rivals – super-rich Manchester City.

The Eastlands club, backed by middle-east billionaire Sheikh Mansour, would have no problem affording the England striker and would make him one of the world’s highest earning footballers.

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  1. Rooney scores goals for us. Almost 1 goal every 2 matches. This is as good as you get. I can’t imagine another striker doing that in our team. And if goals isn’t enough, he was 2 in assists for 2 previous seasons. Ferguson trusts him too. Tevez, Ronaldo and many other good players had beefs with Ferguson, while Rooney is playing every match with no question. I wouldn’t take ANY OTHER player in expense for Rooney. Especially someone like Tevez.Thanks! @ELLISA:)


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