Single grandmother auctioned on eBay in last ditch attempt to find a lover


An unlucky in love grandmother has been put on eBay by her family in a desperate attempt to find her a HUSBAND.

James Doyen, 38, said he is auctioning his mum to the highest bidder because she was ”driving me crazy” claiming he has had enough of her failed exploits trying to find a lover.

Serial on-line dater Sandi Firth, 63, who has been divorced twice, is up for grabs with a starting price of £1 in the collectibles category.

The grandmother-of-four admits her previous attempts to find a man have been a ”bit of a disaster”.

The online advert offers, ”Beautiful, great cook, educated, articulate, family focused, caring – priceless”.

Her son also cheekily added, “pretty good working order. No real defects or signs of wear and tear to note”.

Mr Doyen, a management consultant from Crouch End, London, claims his mum has been unlucky in love.

He said: “I’m a bit impulsive and just decided eBay is the best way to generate interest in something.

“She has her own friends in the Leeds Jewish community, but this could reach out to people she might not have links with.”

The online description reads: ”She is stylish and loves to wear the latest fashions (sometimes forgetting her age) and parades them at any opportunity.

”Highly sociable she is a busy bee in the community and I don’t think we have ever been out of the house without her bumping into someone she knows – it has become a bit of a running joke.

”When not working (which can sometimes be unsociable hours) she enjoys amateur dramatics, presenting on community radio (chat show and topical interviews), bridge and is trying ever so hard to get out of playing golf which her friends are encouraging her into.

”My mum is also an amazing cook – she really is – good home style cooking – and her cherry pie is the best.

”I must warn you that she is a strong woman – bringing up two kids on her own thirty something years ago was no mean feat and has made her into a fiercely stong sometimes stubborn woman – but always with kindness and generosity at the forefront of her mind (as she is telling you that you are wrong and she is ALWAYS right).”

Possible suitors must be ”strong, committed, honest and loyal – over 5ft 10″ tall and meet her criteria on table manners and being a gentleman”.

Mr Doyer is prepared to deliver his mum to the successful bidder but she standing at 5ft 7in she would also be light enough to travel with a courier, he added.

Ms Firth, who runs her own market research company in Leeds, Yorkshire, said she was at first shocked by appearing on eBay.

She said: ”I’ve been on JDate and answered ads in the Jewish Chronicle but it’s all been a bit of a disaster.

”One person only spoke about his family and another said he was 5ft 6 in when he was 5ft 2in.

”My son is very innovative and has a wonderful way with words. I have had some rotten times and he has been through them with me.

”At the end of the day, it’s a cattle market out there.

”It would be nice to meet someone normal and trustworthy – which they haven’t been so far.”

The eBay sale entitled ”My Yiddishe Momma for Sale: Beautiful, Great Cook” ends at 10.37am on June 26 but so far no bids have been made.


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