Singapore-based back office company Osome raises $3 million to develop and expand into new markets

  • Osome secures $3 million round.
  • Target Global, Phystech Venture and AdFirst participate in the round.

Osome gets financing for its expansion into the UK and Hong Kong 

  • Singapore-based FinTech-as-a-service raises $3 million in a round led by Target Global, including Phystech Venture and AdFirst.

London, November, 2019 — Osome, a Singapore-based FinTech-as-a-service startup, received a $3 million investment from Target Global, Phystech Venture, and AdFirst.

Osome is a cloud-based back office for small and medium-sized enterprises that helps businesses manage and report their corporate paperwork. The platform can be accessed on desktop or mobile devices, eliminating the need for calling or visiting the service provider.

“We decided to launch in the UK and Hong Kong thanks to the support of thousands of enthusiastic SME customers in Singapore. We now know that we solve a real problem for customers, no matter their location. We also appreciate the recognition of Osome’s potential by our investors and partners”, said Victor Lysenko, CEO and founder of Osome.

Having a unique online platform, Osome assists in accounting, taxes and reporting. The proactive program alerts consumers when documents are due or when there is something lacking. And this strategy has helped them draw thousands of customers ever since they launched. Osome begins operations to the UK and Hong Kong and has already started exploring these new markets.

About Osome

Osome offers technology-driven accounting,  reporting and company formation, and services to thousands of business owners in Singapore. Victor Lysenko founded the company in January 2018. 

About Target Global

Target Global is an international investment company based in Berlin. It currently has over €700 million in assets under management. They link the core European startup ecosystems with offices in every part of the world, and use their global network to leverage the unique DNA of each destination. Building on the deep operational and investment skills of their experienced team, they are helping outstanding entrepreneurs build outstanding businesses. Target Group invests in fast-growing tech companies, targeting trillion-euro markets. Their partners have been working in the digital technology space for more than 15 years, financing some of Europe’s biggest success stories. The portfolio of Target Global includes companies like Auto1, Delivery Hero, Rapyd, Travelperk, WeFox, and Omio.