Simply Smart LiNX® control system


Global brand leader Invacare® is raising the bar in the manufacture and supply of mobility and independent living equipment with the launch of its LiNX control system. Not content with the already outstanding German engineered power chair range, Invacare aspired to enhance them even further by integrating LiNX – making the range Simply Smart.

Invacare LiNX is a new insight inspired control system that learns over time to bring a revolutionary driving experience to users. Thanks to its unique modular design, this futureproof system can be seamlessly expanded and tailored to complement users’ changing needs.

Just by looking at LiNX, it is evident that its design and ergonomics have been carefully thought out in order to produce a reliable, easy to use and simple to understand control system. Consideration has also been given to those with limited cognitive abilities.

invacareWhen developing this new system, the approach was to work with customers to understand what the needs were and to use expertise, knowledge and technology to help determine what LiNX needed to do to meet those needs.

What makes the LiNX control system so special is it gives professionals the ability to configure powerchairs quickly and more intuitively to each individual user via a PC, laptop or iOS device. This revolutionary programming interface allows wireless access to configure, diagnose and update the control system and record statistics on how the chair has been used. Performance data can also be read live from the powerchair. This single, seamless, futureproof system can be added to and expanded as technology develops and/or the user needs change.

But the key features don’t end there. The LiNX technology makes going through doorways or approaching tables simple and straightforward thanks to its low speed and creep control. Its improved hold on slopes and reduced castor lock on soft surfaces, relieves users of any concerns they may have when out in a power chair.

To further enhance the users’ drive experience, the optional LiNX G-Trac® detects and corrects the smallest deviations from your intended path, caused by a surface change for example, and reduces the number of corrective actions needed.

Announcing the launch of LiNX, Ilona Wiemann, Product Development Manager for Powered Mobility at Invacare International said: “This is simply one of the most advanced products of its type and sets a new benchmark in this market segment.”

“LiNX represents the start of something different and special for Invacare and is the most innovative control system to hit the market in a long time. It’s not only one dedicated product we are bringing to the market but next generation technology that will have an influence on a whole product range and gives a whole new meaning to customer experience.”

The new LiNX control system is now available across Europe.

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