Shopper Shocked To Discover One Of His Carrots Closely Resembled A Sex Toy

A carrot spotted by Steve Jones in an Asda supermarket

These hilarious photos show the moment a shopper was unpacking his groceries – and discovered one of his carrots closely resembled a SEX TOY.

Steve Jones, 42, bought the phallic-looking vegetable, which ironically looks just like a Rampant Rabbit vibrator, from a branch of supermarket Asda in October 2017.

The bizarrely-shaped carrot seems to have another carrot fused to it, as it curves round at the bottom into the second carrot.

A carrot spotted by Steve Jones in an Asda supermarket.

Steve, a teacher from Filton, Bristol, laughed about the defect, and said: “It’s certainly different, that’s for sure.

“It’s not what I was expecting – you just expect it to be a regular carrot. When I pulled it out of the bag and had it in front of my face I thought, “Oh. Alright then,” he said.

A carrot spotted by Steve Jones in an Asda supermarket.

He added that he didn’t think it was worth mentioning to the Asda store at Abbeywood Retail Park in Filton.

“I didn’t really want to go marching up to customer services waving that, saying, ‘Look at my carrot’,” he joked.

But Steve also said that he kept hold of the carrot until it rotted and he had to throw it away.

He said: “I didn’t have the heart to peel it. I couldn’t bring myself to do that!”


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