FILE PICTURE – of the chilling moment shop worker Candice Davies starred down the barrel of a sawn-off shotgun before being smashed in the face with the firearm during a terrifying armed robbery.
Shop worker Candice Davies who has told of her fears that she had been blinded when an armed robber smashed her in the face with a sawn-off SHOTGUN during a terrifying raid. See NTI story NTISHOTGUN. Pretty Candice Davies, 20, was floored by the blow and suffered horrific injuries in the brutal attack leaving her unable to open her left eye. It was so swollen that the young cashier was convinced she had permanently lost her sight after her attacker rammed the metal barrel into her face. Disturbing CCTV footage shows the moment Candice froze on the spot as the hooded gunman casually walked into the store with the weapon concealed in a bag. Moments later the man, whose face is concealed with a scarf, can be seen to point the weapon against Candice’s face before slamming the barrel into her eye causing her to collapse in agony. He then tries to smash his way into the till at the Co-Op store in Lawford Road, Rugby, Warks, before fleeing empty-handed.

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