Shop refuses to sell mother, 42, CHOCOLATES because her 13-year-old son was with her


A mum was left stunned after a shop assistant refused to sell her CHOCOLATES – because her 13-year-old son was with her.

Karen O’Brien, 42, was out shopping with her lad Scott Heggie in the Boxing Day sales as as a treat to celebrate his upcoming 14th birthday.

As the pair were about to get the bus home, she stopped off at a Savers store, and tried to buy a bag of chocolate mis-shapes.

But they were refused the sale because the chocolates had a warning they may contain alcohol –  and the teenager couldn’t prove he was over 18.

The shocked mum eventually gave up and left the store with her son – and without the chocolates.

Karen, of Plymouth, Devon said: “I was gobsmacked. We were just out shopping as a treat for Scott because his birthday was coming up.

“We’d been around town and I nipped into Savers to pick up some toothpaste and a few other bits, and picked up the chocolates near the till.

“The cashier asked for ID. I looked at Scott and then looked back at him and asked why I needed ID for him. He said that the chocolates may contain alcohol and it is the law for him to ask.

“I have never had a similar issue anywhere else, but was told in Savers it’s the store’s policy and it’s the law.”

The bag of mis-shapes is made up of chocolates from a variety of brands which haven’t met the standards to be included in their regular packaging – sometimes liqueur chocolates might be included in the bags.

Karen said: “I was really gobsmacked – I was buying them for me not for him. I just couldn’t believe it. I ended up giving up – I couldn’t have bought them because I had a child with me. It’s ridiculous.”

Savers have been unavailable for comment.


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