CCTV footage of two hooded thugs armed with an axe as they raided the Mobile Galore store in New Basford, Nottingham. See News Team story NTIAXE; This is the shocking moment two thugs burst into a mobile phone shop before swinging an AXE at a terrified shopkeeper. The hooded robbers can be seen calmly strolling into the store before one of them marches towards the counter wielding the weapon. Terrifying CCTV footage shows the yob swinging the axe at the shopkeeper who is forced to dive for cover to avoid being slashed. His accomplice can be seen jumping over another counter at the back of the store and stuffing mobile phones and cash into a black JD sports bag. Footage taken from outside the entrance then shows the two men sprinting off up a nearby street – just 30 seconds after they had stormed into the shop. Police are now appealing for help tracking down the suspects who carried out the robbery at the store in New Basford.

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