Shocking CCTV shows child’s near miss with train


This is the terrifying moment a teen leaps out of the way of an on playing ”chicken” with a high speed passenger train.

The shocking CCTV footage shows a young child dicing with death on railway tracks at Rochford, in Essex.

He can be seen from the train’s onboard camera brazenly standing on the tracks as the passenger train heads directly for him.

As the train driver brakes the tiny hooded lout struggles to climb from the tracks onto the platform.

For one heart-stopping moment it appears he has timed his escape too late and the train cannot stop in time.

Remarkably the train roars past as he hauls himself and lies facedown onto the platform.

In other shocking CCTV images released by Network Rail a lout is shown risking death and serious injury climbing overhead electric powerlines in Sunderland.

Yobs are seen attempting to ”train surf” a passenger train in Southend and hurling a shopping trolly and industrial bin into the path of a freight train in Trowbridge, Wilts., causing £40,000 damage.

A staggering 49 people have died tresspassing on the tracks between April 2009 and March 2010.

Kids were responsible for almost 3,400 incidents of tresspass and vandalism during the same period – the equivalent of 10 every day.

Railways suffered 1,162 incidents of stone throwing, 60 kids playing chicken and 83 incidents of graffiti but many more go unreported.

Louts also chucked items on tracks including 180 bikes, 76 shopping trolleys, 55 traffic cones, seven prams, five dustbins, three televisions, a bouncy castle and three trampolines including one dropped from a bridge onto a train.

Network Rail’s ‘No Messin’ campaign which was launched yesterday to coincide with the start of the school summer holiday is now in its fifth year.


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