Cornelius Thomas aged 39 from Birmingham, who was tasered four times by police officers when he returned home with his eight-year-old daughter. West Midlands Police has agreed to pay “substantial” undisclosed damages to a dad who was Tasered FOUR times by officers outside his home – including in his back. See NTI story NTITASER. Cornelius Thomas, 39, claimed he was victim of a “gratuitous, unprovoked, and violent” attack when he returned to his property in Kings Heath, Birmingham, with his eight-year-old daughter. He said he was Tasered by officers who had arrived to support mental health workers who wanted to take him to a psychiatric unit for treatment. Now the force has made an undisclosed payout after the incident in June 2011, although it stated no disciplinary action was taken against any officers. Speaking after the out-of-court settlement was agreed, Mr Thomas said he still gets panic attacks whenever he sees police officers.

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