John Louth who has been living on the streets of Nottingham since September 2014. Just five out of 52 beggars in a British city are actually HOMELESS, a shocking police survey has revealed. See NTI story NTIBEGGARS. Half of those who are supposedly living on the streets and accepting handouts from generous passersby even own their own HOMES. A further 16 people posing as being destitute admitted they actually lived with families or friends. Police officers in Nottingham city centre are now handing out fines of up to £200 to people persistently asking passersby for money. Anti-social behaviour orders are also being used to ban beggars from parts of the city. The crack down follows a survey which revealed just five out of 52 people found asking for cash were sleeping on the streets. Police handed out four fines last month but the move has been criticised by genuine homeless people who say they are hitting the most vulnerable. John Louth, 43, who has been living on Nottingham’s streets since September last year, said he often finds himself being woken up and moved on five times a night. He admitted some beggars were exploiting Good Samaritans but said a £90 fine he received for begging offences was unfair.

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