SharkScope releases desktop software to give online poker players the advantage

SharkScope desktop can give an advantage to online poker players

Online poker analytics provider SharkScope has released its latest software – a comprehensive desktop package to track players’ stats.

SharkScope Desktop tracks hand histories, provides a HUD for easy-to-find, ready-to-use information during play, and supports both features with real-time data synchronization.

It includes two key features aimed at giving users an advantage – the ability to track and improve their own play with high-resolution, customizable statistics, and utilizing the playing history of opponents via the HUD to develop strategies on how to play against them.

SharkScope desktop can give an advantage to online poker players
SharkScope desktop can give an advantage to online poker players

Online Poker fanatics have already started using the tool as they look to get a cutting edge in the fiercely competitive industry.

‘Playing online is way more technical than most people think,’ one player said.

‘So to have a piece of software like this can make all the difference when it comes to making a profit.’

The software release introduces the integration of both individual hand tracking and traditional SharkScope game statistics into one central source for analytics.

This integration represents a key evolutionary step for online poker analytics. Before SharkScope Desktop, hand tracking information and tournament information were always procured separately—usually by different providers.

Now one provider can supply both hand and tournament tracking, simplifying the process and clearing the way to more powerful, integrative analytics that can, for example, access hand history information like percentages of button raises and combine that knowledge with player performances on a tournament level.

In addition, SharkScope Desktop syncs its data with the SharkScope website in real-time, providing players with information that is always up to date. When a hand ends, the information about that hand gets immediately processed and utilized.

Other features include HUD support for multiple poker sites concurrently and  HUD overlay customizability, allowing the player to control what information is displayed.

There is support for both Texas Holdem and Omaha Hi and ring game support.

Users can also benefit from automatic reporting of missing tournament information to SharkScope for maximum analytical accuracy and advanced tournament table filtering.

The software also has the ability to add tournament flags to the player’s personal hand tracker database.

The Full Suite is provided with every Gold and Platinum subscription or the stand-alone Hand Tracker can be purchased for $99. The HUD and data Sync (without hand tracking) are included with all Silver subscriptions.


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