Shaggy Dog Looks Spitting Image Of Her Owner With Matching Dreadlocks

Toni Isden from Knighton Lane and her dog Sanka.
Toni Isden from Knighton Lane and her dog Sanka.
Toni Isden from Knighton Lane and her dog Sanka.

A woman and her pooch have proved that pets really do look like their owner’s – as they both sport matching DREADLOCKS.

Toni Isden, 34, has owned her six-year-old Hungarian Puli named Sanka since she was a puppy.

But over the years Sanka’s dark shaggy mane has grown to uncannily match Toni’s long dread locked hair.

The pair recently appeared on ITV’s The Secret Life of Dogs discussing how dog owners “naturally gravitate towards animals who share looks and personalities.”

SWNS_DOG_HAIR_05Today Toni, of Leicester, said: “I love him to bits and when he was a puppy, his hair looked just like mine when I was little too.

“I had a little afro as a kid and so did Sanka as a puppy. It’s bizarre that his coat and my hair have seemed to grown to match – I think its brilliant.

“He’s a great dog and follows me around everywhere.

“It’s no surprise to me that pet owners go for animals that look similar to them.

“It’s quite sweet and funny so it was nice to be on the programme. We thoroughly enjoyed it”

Sanka – who is named after the character from hit 90s comedy Cool Runnings – is also due to appear in a Hollywood movie later this year.

Toni, who wants to become a full-time dog trainer, added: “I’ve taught Sanka lots of tricks like doggy dancing, limping, and hiding his face when you blow him a kiss.

“Sanka seems to love it and even won a prize in his first ever Crufts competition in 2015.

SWNS_DOG_HAIR_10“Not for doing any tricks in particular but for looking extremely pretty. My jaw dropped when they called out his name. I was so shocked and proud.

“Then I saw an advert asking for a dog a bit like Sanka to appear in a film and replied and before I knew it we got a call up.

“It’s got some big Hollywood stars and part of the filming was done over here. I can’t wait to see it”


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