Sex-mad students have slept with an average of NINE people


Sex-mad students have slept with an average of NINE people, a survey has revealed.

Thousands of students were quizzed about their sex habits as part of a study by the Tab university newspaper.

Top of the table was Oxford Brookes where students have bonked an average of 14 people, followed by Plymouth with 11.5.

Bringing up the rear was Queen’s Belfast where sex-starved students confessed to having only 3.2 partners.

Guys had more partners than girls with the average male student claiming to have slept with 10 people compared to the female’s 7.7.

The results also revealed only 10 per cent of students leave their pubic hair au natural – with a third boasting a full shaven haven.

A kinky 31 per cent said they had tried anal while a quarter admitted experimenting with bondage.

Another 13 per cent said they had walked in on their parents having sex.

A total of 12,708 students across 36 unis filled in the national questionnaire.

League table:

Brookes 14
Plymouth 11.5
Liverpool 10.8
Leeds 10.7
Northumbria 10.6
Newcastle 10.5
Manchester 10.3
Hull 10.2
Warwick 9.3
Edinburgh 8.8
Oxford 8.7
Imperial 8.6
Aberdeen 8.4
Durham 8.4
Nottingham 8.4
Lincoln 8.2
Sheffield 8
Kent 7.9
UEA 7.9
Exeter 7.7
Cardiff 7.6
Sussex 7.6
UCL 7.4
Leicester 7.2
Bristol 7
Cambridge 6.4
Birmingham 5.3
Queens Belfast 3.2


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