Sex life dies at the age of 45


The average person’s sex life dies off at the age of 45, according to a new study.

Research reveals that 75 per cent of people believe sex only gets worse as they enter their forties.

The average 45 year old has sex just once a week, and is lucky if it lasts longer than 22 minutes – including foreplay.

Sex is restricted to the bedroom for 85 per cent of couples, and 64 per cent will only make love with the lights off.

And 31 per cent of people polled admit they have been known to cut a session short because they are too exhausted to carry on.

In contrast, the majority of over-45’s agree they were having the best sex at age 36.

The poll of 1752 people, conducted by Kwai garlic supplement to promote heart health, shows six in 10 people over 45 don’t feel sexy.

A quarter claim their bodies are saggy and wrinkly, 70 per cent feel fat, and 24 say they health is already diminishing.

Six in 10 people polled admit they are ready for a nap straight after sex, and 26 per cent feel completely knackered – only 14 per cent would consider starting again.

One in 20 even worry about putting a strain on their heart if they go at it like hammer and tong.

Iain Laing, spokesman for Kwai Garlic said: “The results of the survey highlight that maintaining a healthy lifestyle together with taking care of your heart, could help keep your sex life on track.

“By doing so the 31 per cent cutting a session short due to exhaustion, may have more energy to carry on.

“People over-45 should add sex to their exercise routine in order to help maintain optimum heart health, while having fun between the sheets.

“Taking Kwai is a safeguard to protecting and prolonging your sex life – helping you to continue to enjoy one of life’s best moments together into older age.”

Unfortunately, the study found 43 per cent of those aged 45 and above are getting less sex than ever before.

And when they do make it into the sack, a token one position is tried out before settling with the standard missionary.

A quarter say their sex life is getting worse because their confidence has reduced with age, and a staggering 37 per cent don’t have enough energy to perform.

Fourteen per cent of people admit their partner still doesn’t know how to please them, and one in 10 feel uncomfortable with their other half – despite having been with them for years.

And even by this age, 12 per cent admit they still don’t really know what they like in bed, and 18 per cent aren’t confident enough to guide their partner.

Iain Laing continues: “The survey clearly demonstrates that looking after your health is vital as you get older and sex shouldn’t be excluded from your life because of worries about putting a strain on your heart.

“It should be embraced, both as a way to keep life exciting and also of looking after your heart, which may help the 37 per cent who don’t have enough energy to perform at all.”

The poll shows Brits are most experimental with sex aged 32, and have the most energy at age 29.


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