Severely braindamaged man, 20, gets multi-million pound payout for hospital blunder during his birth


A young man who suffered severe brain damage as a baby following a hospital blunder has won a multi-million-pound payout.

Jacob Dewis, 20, can barely walk and has “significant motor problems” following the bungled birth.

He suffered his injuries after a massive delay in an emergency delivery at the Nuneaton Maternity Hospital in September 1992.

Jacob, 20, known as Jake, would have been perfectly healthy if born ten minutes earlier but the delay saw him starved of oxygen.

He was born “grey, flopping and not breathing” and suffered cerebral palsy and quadriplegia.

Jacob has now been awarded a £3.5million lump sum from West Midlands NHS and will also be paid an annual payment to cover the costs of his care for the rest of his life.

The payments will begin at £165,000-per-year, stepping up to £240,000 after the age of 50.

He claimed compensation from the hospital’s managers West Midlands Strategic Health Authority .

In London’s High Court, the NHS barrister Robert Kellar issued a ”heartfelt apology” for “failing to deliver the standard of care to which he and his family were entitled”.

Mr Justice Underhill said: ”I am extremely impressed by the care and devotion which the whole family and Mrs Dewis in particular have shown over the years. I hope that Jacob’s life hereafter will be easier.”

Speaking after the hearing his mother Rachel said the family was “very pleased” with the decision.


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