Self-proclaimed ‘best ice cream man in the world’ has been trading without a licence

Tee Smith of Mr Tee King Of Desserts.

A businessman and self-proclaimed ‘best ice cream man in the world’ who attracts thousands of people to queue for his desserts is in hot water – for trading ILLEGALLY.

Amazing pictures show huge crowds of families and children waiting in line to buy treats from social media phenomenon ‘Mr Tee King of Desserts’.

The entrepreneur, who has 100,000 followers on Facebook, surprises locals across the UK by announcing his pitch just 30 minutes before opening.

But he has found himself in hot water with council officials in Worcester after it was revealed he has been trading without a licence.

Tee Smith of Mr Tee King Of Desserts

More than 1,250 dessert lovers queued for hours to taste his creations on Sunday (25/3) when he turned up in the Ravenmeadow area of the city at 2.30pm.

Mr Tee claims he applied for an annual licence from the city council, costing £875, two weeks ago but the earliest appointment he could get was on March 29.

He said: “We were parked 50 metres away from the public highway on private property with the permission of the land owner.

“We are immensely popular, for this reason we are hated by fellow tradesmen.”

Tee Smith of Mr Tee King Of Desserts.

Once the licence is obtained the business is set to trade in the city twice a week.

He said they would then be entitled to park up on any street without double yellow lines but he would rather trade on private land as it is “safer.”

Rival ice cream sellers have blasted Mr Tee and accused him of illegally poaching their business.

One seller said: “I don’t have a problem with competition. It’s healthy and raises everyone’s game but it must be on a level playing field.

“This guy rocks up, flogs his ice creams and b*ggers off without contributing a penny to the council.

“It’s very frustrating when established businesses like mine play by the rules but lose out.”

Ice- cream and sweet products on offer from Mr Tee King of Desserts.

Dean Clarke, who runs an ice cream parlour in the city, said: “If he was conflicting with my trade – when I had actually paid for a licence I would be very worried about it.

“He seems to be getting his own trade using social media. His ice cream isn’t better but he is using Facebook to make it into an event.”

Mr Tee, originally from Bolton, sells his creations in trays and charges £5 per dish.

Earlier this month more than 2,000 hungry customers queued for hours in the pouring rain in Drotiwich, Worcs., to buy an ice cream and take a selfie with the businessman.

Ice- cream and sweet products on offer from Mr Tee King of Desserts.

Writing on Facebook, fan Soph Brown said: “Amazing – worth the wait. My kids loved the ice cream.”

Karen Watkins said: “Not worth the wait in the freezing cold but like everyone else it’s an experience to try it.”

A spokesman for Worcester City Council said: “Mr Tee does not have a licence with Worcestershire Regulatory Services. They will be contacting him to discuss arrangements.

“Traders selling to the public in a temporary location need a temporary street trading licence and, if on private land, need written confirmation from the landowner.”


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