Self-Employment 101: How to Improve Your Employability in Three Simple Steps


When you work for yourself, steady employment is never assured. There’s a constant drive to find the next client to add to your roster, the next big job to book in, new ways to increase your attractiveness to potential customers; the list goes on.

Making yourself highly employable is, of course, essential. In order to fill your diary and secure a steady stream of income, you have to be an individual who ticks every box for your potential employers, or else you’re never going to get the work you need. 

For those who are new to self-employment or simply require a little extra help, here are some tips from the experts to get you started. 

Share your qualifications

There are lots of different ways to advertise your availability and services but, whatever medium you choose to use, it’s important that it details any relevant qualifications. Clients and collaborators will want to know that you have the necessary experience and expertise to deliver a top-notch service, so prove to them that you do. This will have the added boon of making you seem more reputable and trustworthy, as cowboy traders are the bane of any skilled industry. If you have the option to pick up additional qualifications or training, we would always recommend doing so: the more educated you are, the more employable you will become.   

Make sure you’re covered

As we mentioned above, those who consider working with you will want to know that they can rely on you, and another way to prove this to them is by having suitable insurance in place. Although general self-employment cover is available from many providers, we recommend choosing specialist options where possible, as these will be specifically tailored to the needs of your business. Those in the plumbing industry, for example, would do best to consider something like the plumbing insurance at Next Insurance, which has been specially developed to suit those working in the sector. Similar niche plans are available for everyone from lawyers to handymen to accountants, which mean that, no matter what happens, you and your employer will be adequately protected.   

Create a proper portfolio of your work

Another surefire to increase employability is by developing a portfolio showcasing what you can do. In many industries, these are already prevalent, but it’s not only photographers and freelance writers who can benefit from their creation – every professional can. This is why it’s a good idea to keep pictorial records of what you can accomplish, whether you’re a handyman who’s helped with painting and tiling or a decorator with a history of transforming entire homes with the tools of your trade. Even where there’s not much to show – for example, if you’re an electrician whose work largely takes place behind the scenes – you can still create an evidentiary trail of sorts, by giving your customers a platform for reviewing your performance. This could be attached either to your website or your social media pages, and should help to paint you as a reliable and reputable professional whose services are well worth securing.

Have a go at implementing these three top tips today to increase your employability ten-fold.


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