Security guard fought off machete wielding attacker and accomplice over EMPTY cash box


A hero security guard defied a machete wielding attacker and another thug when he refused to give up his cash box – despite the fact it was EMPTY.

Shaun Bush, 52, was set on by Scott Davenport and Mark Badman as he went to collect money from a Tesco Express store.

The pair, who had winter hats and scarves across their faces, demanded he hand over the box but Shaun bravely stood his ground.


Security guard Shaun Bush, 52, fought off two robbers - one with a machete
Security guard Shaun Bush, 52, fought off two robbers – one with a machete

He ignored his G4S training to hand over the  box and was punched by Badman and flung to the ground – but still clung on.

It was only when Davenport hacked his left arm with a machete that dad-of-two Shaun finally released his grip.

The robbers fled but witness Owen Roscoe took photos of them as they raced past his van.

Other onlookers noted the number plate of Davenport’s heavily pregnant girlfriend as she drove them away from the scene in Stoke Gifford, Bristol.

Shaun has now been awarded £250 for his courage and commended by a judge who jailed Davenport and Badman for a total of 12 years.


Scott Davenport with the machete
Scott Davenport with the machete



Mark Badman with the cash box
Mark Badman with the cash box


After the case Shaun, a security guard for 16 years, said:  “Our instructions are to give it away as the contents are insured and the company policy is to release it.

“I didn’t because it was just a reaction, an instinct. I was trying to earn a living to pay bills and put food on the table. I was just doing my job.

“He grabbed the box towards him and I pulled it back. He punched me two to three times in the face, it happened so quickly.

“He pushed me to the ground and his partner came from behind him and cut my left forearm. I let go of the box and the first one pulled it away.

“They ran and I got up and chased after them, they nearly got run over by a car. I gave up because they were too far ahead.

“I went back to work more or less straight away. I was back the next day but I couldn’t drive because of my swollen hand.

“It hasn’t deterred me from being a security guard.”

Wife Christine, 49, a cleaner, said: “To me, part of him is a hero and part of him is stupid. I’m surprised he didn’t let it go. I could have been a widow.”

Judge Julian Lambert told Bristol Crown Court: “Shaun Bush showed enormous courage and fortitude when he refused to relinquish the security box he was delivering.

“He was struck and struck again, seriously to his face and still he didn’t relent. He relented only when his life was put in danger by his being struck with a machete.

“He is determined, committed and very brave in his work.”

The court heard the raid happened last October.

Don Tait, prosecuting, said: “He heard footsteps from behind. He was confronted by a male running towards him – Badman.

“The male was aged 18 to 22, wearing a winter hat and a scarf across his face. Badman shouted ‘Give me the box!’

“Mr Bush was reluctant to let go of the box, even though it was empty.”

Badman then punched the guard two or three times to the jaw and pushed him over, where he was still clutching the cash box.

It was then that balaclava-clad Davenport appeared and hit his arm with a machete.

Davenport, 23, was jailed for nine years after he admitted aggravated burglary, possessing heroin with intent to supply, possessing an offensive weapon and possessing a Class B drug.

Badman, 22, was jailed for three and a half years.

Faye Burnell, 22, admitted assisting an offender and received nine months, suspended for two years with 240 hours’ unpaid work and a 12-month curfew.

Jonathan Stanniland, defending Davenport, said he was addicted to cocaine at the time and owed #6,000 to drug dealers.

Farah Rashid, defending Badman, from Eastville, Bristol said he had needed money and “foolishly” agreed to take part in the robbery.


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