Screwdriver-Wielding Thug Tries To Rob Newsagents But Is Fought Off By Elderly Owners

Dolly Karim,75, who foiled a robbery at her newsagents.
Dolly Karim,75, who foiled a robbery at her newsagents.
Dolly Karim, 75, who foiled a robbery at her newsagents.

This is the dramatic moment a screwdriver-wielding thug tried to rob a newsagents – before being fought off by its elderly owners.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the man bursting into Pitville Convenience Store and demanding that shop owner Dolly Karim, 75, hand over the till.

Incredibly, the brave gran-of-eight refuses, instead picking up a wooden stick stashed behind the counter and whacking him with it.

The yob, in his 30s, then drags the till unit off the counter and makes a dash for the door of the newsagents in Cheltenham, Glos., with it in his arms.

But before he can escape, Dolly’s husband Gulamai Karim, 76, rugby tackles him to the ground.

SWNS_ROBBER_FAIL_09The robber then gets to his feet and runs off – leaving the till, stashed full of money, and his metal weapon behind.

Dolly and Gulamai, who have owned and run the shop since 1980, were shaken but almost uninjured. Dolly suffered a cut to her hand from the screwdriver.

Police are investigating after the attempted robbery, at Pitville Convenience Store in Cheltenham, Glos., at 8.30pm on Sunday.

The couple’s daughter-in-law, Ash Karim, 35, said the hero couple, who have three children, are “shaken” but relieved that no one was hurt.

CCTV of the dramatic moment when Dolly Karim ,75, foiled a robbery at her newsagents.
CCTV of the dramatic moment when Dolly Karim ,75, foiled a robbery at her newsagents.

The hairdresser, of Cheltenham, Glos., said: “This man came up to the counter and he pointed the screwdriver at her and demanded the money from the till.

“She turned around and went to grab this little stick in self defence.

“Then he literally grabbed the till from the counter and picked it up. She is hitting him at the same time and he started to walk off.

“My father-in-law was sitting in a chair towards the back of the shop and he heard her screaming and saw the guy.

“He jumped on him from the back and tackled him down to the ground. The man then dropped the weapon and ran straight out of the shop.

“My mother and father in law are in their seventies but they are quite fit and healthy. My mother-in-law is quite shaken but we just want to raise awareness about it.”

She added: “Nothing like this has happened before. I think my father-in-law is so brave for doing it.

“It’s quite worrying at the same time. The guy landed on top of him and there’s a little step there – he couldn’t smacked his head against it.

“He is a hero for doing what he did, but as a family it could’ve gone the other way.

“It all happened so quickly – luckily he didn’t hurt himself.

“I hope we can catch the people who did it.”

SWNS_ROBBER_FAIL_04She said she doesn’t know how much was in the till at the time, but that not much cash is stored in the shop in case of incidents like this.

Gloucestershire Constabulary officers were at the store taking statements yesterday morning (Mon).

They have been contacted for comment.


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