Schoolgirls’ skirts measured by teachers


Teachers at a posh secondary school have come under fire after they introduced ‘Gestapo-style’ inspections to crack down on girls wearing – SHORT SKIRTS.

Schoolgirls – some as young as 11 – will be forced to line up every morning and have their skirts measured by teachers.

If the pupils fingertips can reach lower than the hem of their skirt they will be ordered home to change.

Girls wearing skin-tight lycra skirts – which can be stretched to appear longer – will also be forced to change into a longer skirt or wear trousers.

The bizarre diktat has been introduced at Whitecross High School in Hereford after parents, teachers and members of the public moaned about the girls’ skimpy clothes.

In a letter to parents headteacher Denise Strutt said girls were wearing skirts which were ”too short to be decent”.

She wrote: ”There have been concerns voiced by many parents, members of staff and members of the public regarding the number of girls who are wearing skirts that are too short to be decent in the school environment and when representing the school.

”From September, all girls must wear either a skirt of an appropriate length or trousers.

”This will give all students adequate time to organise the purchase of a new skirt or trousers if necessary.

”Skirts must be below the point where a girl’s fingertips reach when she is standing up straight with her arms stretched down her side.”

But outraged parents of the girls have accused the school of introducing ”Gestapo-style’ police.

A mother of a 15-year-old girl said: ”What my daughter goes to school in is up to her and not the school.

”It has always been the fashion for girls to wear short skirts. It makes them feel confident and attractive.

”They’re not going round being promiscuous so what’s the problem? The school’s staff are still living in the dark ages.

”The idea of lining them up and ordering them to stand with their hands by their sides is straight out the Gestapo handbook. It’s absolutely disgraceful.”

Another mother added: ”Some of the girls do wear too much make up and let their skirts show a bit too much.

”But let’s not punish the whole school. In the summer it’s nice to have a short skirt because the weather is so hot.”

Parents received a newsletter from the school’s head that warned them about the skirts at the start of June.

That was followed up with a second letter several days later that outlined the strict new rules.

A teacher at the 900-pupil school, who did not want to named, said: ”To be honest the teachers are split on this issue.

”Most staff agree that something has to be done but the idea of daily inspections is sitting uncomfortably with a lot of us.

”Parents need to be included in this and should, ultimately, have responsibility on how their children dress to go to school.”


  1. Haha! The teacher’s don’t make us line up at all, and I’d love to know what teacher said that, none of them would have :L

  2. I Left school 2 years ago …I used to wear a navy blue pullover over a white blouse ..Thick Black Tights [opaque] and a Tight high waisted Black Lycra skirt …I used to stretch the skirt so that the hem would go past my knees ..however our Head teacher, miss Elaine scott ..who is in her late 50’s very strict and her ideas of fashion were stuck in the 1800’s hated my skirt and the fact that I had a hole in my tights [small hole!! on my calf]..she had me in the office gave me a pair of trousers and told me to take off the offending skirt and tights ..she took them away from me , I never saw them again .


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