School offers children an iPad if they sign up for FREE school meals


A school has come under fire over plans to get children to sign up for free school meals – in exchange for an iPAD.

The scheme is being considered because every pupil who signs up to free meals earns the school £900 in Government grants.

But working mum Adele Hughes, 38, said the proposal at the Dorothy Stringer School in Brighton, East Sussex, was unfair on working families.

She said: “I work, which means my son doesn’t get free school meals. This will also mean he won’t be entitled to an iPad if the idea goes ahead.

“Although I work, I still can’t afford to splash out on things like iPads.

“It puts me as a parent in a hard position.

“Peer pressure is bad enough as it is, and it won’t help if half the class are given free iPads and half aren’t.

“It seems these days if you work hard and try to pay your way then you don’t really get much back in return. It’s unfair on working families.’

In the letter to parents, the East Sussex secondary school said: “Benefits exist for the school and for your child even if they choose not to eat the meal.

“We believe there are many children in the school who are able to claim free school meals, but who are not doing so.

“These students would benefit now and in the future by registering.

“If the school decides to implement the use of personal devices, we will most likely use iPads.

“In this case, all students who are on free school meals will be given a free iPad.”



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