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Sami Wunder Cracks the Code to Romantic Love


Relationship expert Sami Wunder runs a highly successful dating business for professional, high-achieving women across the globe, helping clients to crack the code to romantic love. The idea for this business came about from Sami’s own life experiences, where she found herself highly educated and pursuing a forward-looking, lucrative career, yet failing to maintain a healthy relationship.

Extensive research showed Sami that there were many factors that added together to create the unhealthy dating patterns may of us pursue in adult life, including self-esteem, the availability or quality of childhood role models, and a lack of understanding as to how attraction works beyond simple good looks.

Learning how to break these patterns led Sami herself to finally achieve success in her romantic life as well as her professional life and in 2016, she decided to take a break from her high-flying career to help other women utilise the skills she had learned.

The Attraction of Opposing Energies

One of the key tenets of the Sami Wunder philosophy is the attraction of opposing energies. We each of us possess two opposing energies, says Wunder – masculine or “doing” energy and feminine or “being” energy. For a romantic relationship to work, each partner needs to project an opposite energy as it is this polarity that leads to attraction and sexual tension.

Many successful professional women have got to where they are in their careers by harnessing more of their “doing” energy. When these women bring that same energy into their romantic lives, they naturally attract men who are more likely to be in touch with and project their feminine side.

However, conversely, what these women desire is a man who is more ambitious and driven, who projects a masculine energy. This requires a reconnection with the woman’s internal feminine energy. Sami Wunder teaches the skills required to reconnect with that feminine energy and embody it throughout their romantic life.

Harnessing Feminine Energy

Harnessing feminine energy in dating does not require women to compromise on who they fundamentally are, or to bring their masculine energy forth to continue pursuing career success.

Wunder teaches women how to embrace their feminine side to attract the type of man they desire. Feminine energy, says Wunder, is not about being weak or playing helpless or unintelligent; it is about “being” rather than “doing”.

Wunder encourages women to embrace their inner diva, seeing themselves as the prize to be pursued in a relationship and allowing the man to harness his own masculine energy by taking the lead. Women in touch with their feminine energy can receive joyfully, without obligation to give equally in return, as they are aware that the only reciprocation required is their own sparkling company.

Inner Confidence

Women who truly embrace their inner diva are aware that they are high-value women who have choices when it comes to romantic love and are therefore not required to settle for anything less than the best treatment.

High-value women, says Wunder, maintain the highest standards and put their own needs first. Showing emotional vulnerability does not equate to being weak; this softer, more feminine side of a woman’s nature is what enables them to attract and keep the man they desire, by allowing the man to express their masculine energy in a positive way.

The results speak for themselves – within just one year of beginning her consultancy, Sami Wunder was able to boast no less than 95 client engagements, as well as over 60 marriages saved.

Attract love without sacrificing success, visit the Sami Wunder website to find out how https://samiwunder.com