Sacked Honda worker returned to factory in uniform and stole a £30k car


A sacked Honda worker went back to his factory, put on a uniform and stole a brand new £30,000 car.

Disgruntled Jeremy Benfield drove the CR-V for several weeks and clocked up 1,700 miles before being caught.

Magistrates heard that Benfield, who had worked for Honda for 16 years, had a previous conviction for stealing parts from their giant plant at Swindon, Wilts.

He was given a suspended prison sentence for that which had expired by the time he stole the car in October.

Former colleagues spotted the CR-V outside his home in Stratton St. Margaret, Swindon with false number plates and reported him.

A court was told they ‘put two and two together’ went they realised the car was missing and went looking for it around Benfield’s house.

James Burnham, prosecuting, said: “Rather than amazing police work, it was a member of staff who found the car.

“The staff put two and two together and went looking for the missing car.”

He added: “There are a number of aggravating features in this case.

“One was the value of the property stolen, a £30,000 CR-V motor vehicle.

“It was recovered but it was brand new before and had 1,700 miles on the clock.

“Another aggravating feature is a sort of breach of trust.

“The defendant was previously employed by Honda and had dressed himself in a uniform obtained during the course of his employment in order to pass himself off as a current employee.”

Benfield, 42, pleaded guilty to theft at Swindon Magistrates Court and sentencing was adjourned to the crown court.

District Judge Simon Cooper said the value of the car and the aggravating features meant it had to be dealt with by the higher court on a date to be fixed.

Benfield was bailed on condition he did not enter the Honda plant.

A Honda spokesman declined to comment.


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