Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavror named ‘so gay lover of’ in Channel 4 subtitles blunder


Channel 4 was left red-faced yesterday after a subtitle blunder saw the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavror named as “so gay lover of”.

The hilarious mistake was spotted during a live news broadcast on the US Secretary of State, John Kerry’s meeting his Russian counterpart on Wednesday.

It is now set to go viral as pictures began to emerge on social networking sites yesterday.

The mistake is especially poignant given Russia’s strict anti-homosexual policies.

It is the latest in a series of subtitle blunders which are plaguing live news broadcasts across the country.

At the end of January the BBC welcomed the Chinese New Year by declaring it to be the “year of the whores” instead of horse.

The broadcaster has also previously referred to Italian prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as ‘Mr Beryl Beryl’ – while Labour leader Ed Miliband became ‘Ed Miller Band’.


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