Christine Allcock (left) and friend Julia Pugh with the Rolling Stones LP Still Life. See MASONS story MNMICK: Nearly 50 years after the Rolling Stones played in Folkestone, two fans have confessed to a dark secret – they stole Mick Jagger’s doughnuts! Christine Allcock and her friend Julia Pugh were aged just 10 and 12 when they saw the band at the Odeon in Sandgate Road in 1964. However, they managed to come away with souvenirs most of the band’s teenage fans missed out on. Christine, now 59, said: “Before the concert started we went around the back of the Odeon and there was a big car parked outside. “It was a Jaguar or a Roller, something that was big and impressive to a 10-year-old. “One of the side windows was open just enough to get a small hand through. We opened the door and looked inside.” Inside, the delighted children discovered a bag of jam doughnuts and several open bottles of expensive aftershave, including one by Chanel. Christine added: “We ate the doughnuts straight away.

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