Rolling Stones fans finally confess to stealing Mick Jagger’s doughnuts after 50 years

Christine Allcock and Julia Pugh got a real sugar rush from stealing Mick Jagger's doughnuts

Two women have confessed their sweet-smelling secret about Mick Jagger after 50
years – stealing his doughnuts and aftershave.

Sticky-fingered Christine Allcock and Julia Pugh were just 10 and 12 when they
went to see the Rolling Stones play in 1964.

They spotted one of the band’s limousines parked at the rear of The Odeon
theatre in Folkestone, Kent and cheekily helped themselves to their souvenirs.

Christine Allcock and Julia Pugh got a real sugar rush from stealing Mick Jagger’s doughnuts

Christine, now 59, said: “It was a Jaguar or a Roller, something that was big
and impressive to a 10-year-old.

“One of the side windows was open just enough to get a small hand through. We
opened the door and looked inside.”

The two friends discovered a bag of jam doughnuts and several bottles of
expensive aftershave including one by Chanel.

Christine, a retired bank secretary, admitted: “We ate the doughnuts straight

“I remember smuggling the aftershave home. I don’t know how I got it in without
my parents seeing.

“I think we sprayed it to see what it smelt like. I kept it for a few months
but then my guilt got the better of me.

“I realised that if my mum found it I would have to admit I’d taken it from
Mick Jagger’s car so I threw it away – obviously I regret doing that now.”

The Rolling Stones pictures in 1964

Christine’s grandmother was a cleaner at The Odeon and got free tickets for her
granddaughter who admits she was too young to be a big fan.

Christine, now a grandmother herself, remembers the cinema being packed mainly
with teenage girls who screamed when the Stones appeared.

She recalled: “They all started screaming and I didn’t understand why.

“At the tender age of 10 I was quite a shy child so I was just standing there
watching but Julia said ‘You have to scream, that’s what you do’ so I screamed
too. I still thought it was a bit odd.

“I can still remember seeing them standing on the stage like it was yesterday,
even though it was 50 years ago.

“We weren’t in the front row but we were very close and I could see them

“Mick Jagger was wearing a stripy top, like Where’s Wally? He was about 10
years older than me but he seemed ancient.

“I was very excited by the end, it was the first grown-up thing I ever did. I
can’t remember which songs they sang though.”

Christine was reminded of her schooldays lark when she was reunited with Julie
recently after 40 years apart.

Grandmother Julie, 61, who is still a music fan, said: “I remember getting up
out of my seat and going to the front of the stage.

“I thought Keith Richards was ugly so I stuck my tongue out at him. He gave me
a dirty look and then looked away.

“I was into music so I thought it was fantastic when Christine said she had the

“I remember spraying the aftershave on myself and thinking I would never wash
my hands again.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing the Rolling Stones now but I’ve watched lots of other
bands. Santana are my favourite, I’ve seen them 26 times.”


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