Robin looks just like ballerina as it lifts its feathers to take flight

A robin takes flight and looks like a ballerina.

This pretty picture shows a robin looking just like a ballerina as it lifted its feathers into the air and prepared to take flight.

The red-breasted bird stood proudly on its tiptoes like a professional dancer just moments before it sprang into the air.

John Coupland, 46, caught the moment on camera shortly after the robin landed on a tree stump.

A robin takes flight and looks like a ballerina.

He said: “It was just a matter of a few seconds where the robin came down for the food in the stump of wood then flew off again.

“The way it stood tall and lifted its feathers made it look like a dancing ballerina.

“It then lifted up and flew away. I was a little way back using a long lens so I was lucky enough to manage to capture it.”

John Coupland who captured a robin taking flight and looking like a ballerina.

John, who works as a machinist, was in Lynford, Norfolk, when he managed to capture the robin’s pose.

He added: “I was attempting to get some photos of birds in flight and just kept my finger on the shutter button every time a bird came to the stump.

“I’m not sure if it was aware I was there but I enjoyed that it put on a little show.”


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