Review service for self-published eBooks set to help struggling authors


A service offering reviews of eBooks is set to help self-published authors who are struggling for publicity.

Independent writers often find themselves competing with public relations departments of large publishing houses when it comes to gaining exposure for their new.

But has launched an online for authors and publishers seeking genuine editorial reviews for their self-published eBooks.

Managing Editor and Booklandia Founder Sheila Jordan said: ‘As the technology becomes easier-to-use and the complexity of the traditional publishing world drives more aspiring authors to self-publish, there is a need to provide prospective readers with a credible source of Editorial Reviews.

‘Our service matches authors with a reviewer in the same demographic as their target audience in an effort to provide a genuine review from a real reader.’

The Booklandia webste allows authors to submit their work online. It is then passed to a team of reviewers who specialise in the subject.

Sheila added: ‘ There is no question that book reviews drive sales, but who writes the book review is what really matters.

‘Millennial eBook buyers are more likely to read customer reviews on Amazon than the New York Times Book Review,” Jordan added.

‘They are more apt to trust their peers’ reviews than those of so-called experts. We’ve now seen many self-published eBooks rise to the top of the Best Seller lists because of a positive review by consumers and independent bloggers.’

According to a November 25, 2014, report released by Dallas-based, the Global eBook market is the fastest growing sub-market in the worldwide book publishing industry. The Global eBook market accounted for approximately 12.6% of the Global Book Publishing market in 2014 and is expected to increase to 27.8% by 2019.

Booklandia offers self-publishers an easy and efficient way to arrange for professional and legitimate consumer books reviews.

Booklandia vets all of its reviewers; they are required to read the eBook in its entirety, and to write a professional review that reflects their personal reaction.

‘We provide a service that helps potential buyers make an educated decision about their next eBook purchase, as well as help an author get the word out about their new work,’ said Sheila.


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