Reveller left £1,000 out of pocket after going on night out in Essex – and ending up in Barcelona


A boozy reveller ended up £1,000 out of pocket after going on a night out in Essex – and waking up more than 900 miles away in Barcelona.


Alexander Caviel, 21, downed a dozen Jagerbombs – a shot of liquer inside a glass of Red Bull – a £90 bottle of champagne and glasses of Disaranno and Coke during a bender.

He ended up popping into a fried chicken shop in Chelmsford in the early hours of Saturday morning where he said he spotted a bus heading for nearby Stansted airport.

He claims he has no knowledge of getting on the bus and booking a £200 flight to Barcelona at around 4am using his mobile phone.

He had his passport with him as proof of identification during his boozy night out with pal James Mansfield, 19.

The shocked financial advisor claims he only realised what he done when the plane landed in Spain where he decide to go on a four-day, impromptu adventure

He said: “I’m not a heavy drinker and I never have pre-drinks but this time we were drinking all night and I even bought a £90 bottle of champagne, it tasted disgusting.

“Me and my friend James had been out the last couple of weekends which is unusual for us but we were just enjoying life and having fun.

“But I ended up losing him and I went for late night food at a chicken shop which is next to the bus station and I saw a coach heading to Stansted.

“I remember thinking to myself, ‘it would be nice to fly away somewhere’.

“The next thing I had a really vivid dream that I was on a plane – it was very, very realistic, but I didn’t think much of it and just went back to sleep.”

The extent of Alex's belongings for his sudden trip (SWNS Group)
The extent of Alex’s belongings for his sudden trip (SWNS Group)

The young man, from Chelmsford, Essex, added: “If I hadn’t managed to lose James it probably wouldn’t have happened as he would have tried to stop me.

“The thing is when you are drunk you don’t worry but when I fully woke up and it sank in I realised the extent of it.

“But I called home and my dad said he thought it was hilarious but told me just to stay safe and enjoy myself so I did.”

Alexander met a couple of backpackers from the states when he landed at 8am and he headed for the city with his newfound friends.

He had to buy a phone charger and only left the country with the clothes he was wearing along with a few bits and pieces which he has kept as a memento.

During the adventure Alexander explored the Catalan city, visited the docks, went for VIP nights out, visited an aquarium, and took a cable car into the mountains.

Alex Caviel with Italian Dianna in Barca (SWNS Group)
Alex Caviel with Italian Dianna in Barca (SWNS Group)

He stayed at three separate hotels and also wanted to go on a helicopter trip but realised he had probably splashed enough cash by that point.

But Alexander confessed to feeling lonely on the trip so used his Snapchat to show his friends what he was getting up to.

He said: “It was lonely actually because I’d never been on holiday on my own before.

Alex Caviel landing in the UK after flying out to Barcelona. earlier (SWNS Group)
Alex Caviel landing in the UK after flying out to Barcelona. earlier (SWNS Group)

“But it was nice not having any ties – I could do what I want when I wanted so it was a fun adventure.”

The YouTube vlogger bought his ticket through an Ryanair app on his phone and used Ryanair to return home on Tuesday (22/03).

Alexander’s mum, Michelle, added: “We first heard from him on Saturday morning, and he just said ‘mum, don’t worry I’m not in any danger, but I am in Barcelona, and I’m not sure how I got here’.

“I didn’t believe him at all, so we went on FaceTime and I just thought ‘Oh my God’.

“Of course I was worried, but he is quite well-travelled for his age, quite confident and will speak to anyone.

“It is good to have him home and to hear about what he has been up to on his spontaneous little break.”


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