Residents left stunned after almost 100 cows run riot on housing estate after escaping from farm

This is the bizarre moment a herd of almost a hundred cows caused havoc on a residential street after escaping from a nearby farm.

This is the bizarre moment a herd of almost a hundred cows caused havoc on a residential street after escaping from a nearby farm.

Shocked neighbours watched on in disbelief as the animals took up residence on gardens and driveways when they went on the loose in Stone, Staffs.

A total of 97 dairy heifers and one bull casually strolled around the housing estate before munching on lawns and knocking over plant pots.

Hilarious photos show the cows wandering along the streets of the market town and even peering through a living room window on Tuesday afternoon (22/5).

The cattle had managed to push open the gate to their field before running riot on Pingle Lane, Kingsland Road and Mercer Avenue.

Cows on the loose in Kingsland Road, Staffs.

School teacher Vicky O’Dell, 48, received a call from her 17-year-old daughter at work saying she couldn’t leave the house as the cows were outside.

She said: “I had a phone call on my break from my daughter and she said she couldn’t get out of the house to go to college because there were cows on our drive.

“I obviously didn’t believe her and then she sent me a picture of one looking through our window. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“She had heard a crunching of the stones on the drive and thought it was the window cleaner – but instead it was ten cows.

“I’m not sure how they were there for but they rounded them all back up eventually.

“They were just happily chewing on the lawns and seemed quite happy in their new environment.”

Cows on the loose in Kingsland Road, Staffs.

Farmer Matthew Weaver, 41, who owns the neighbouring Aston Lodge Farm, said the majority of the cows had taken up residence in an orchard.

He added: “It looks like they rubbed open the gate that wasn’t padlocked to go and have a closer look at their human neighbours.

“If something isn’t 100 per cent secure, they can be very good at escaping. We’ve made sure the gate is properly secure now.

“Cows are naturally curious and will go looking for new eating opportunities. They are driven by appetite and its a sign of good healthy cows when they look to explore.

“They do get quite excited when they see something new so they just ran around a bit.
Most of them went to an orchard but they were all over the place.

“Some public-spirited local residents were all very helpful and understanding and they all clubbed together to help get them back. It took about half an hour in total.

“Nobody was at any risk, they are quite benign and safe creatures but I know its not something the residents would be use to seeing.

“As far as I know they didn’t cause any damage although they did leave a few organic presents to help fertilise the gardens. We were quite lucky to get away with it.

“They love to search out new eating opportunities. It’s quite normal behaviour really.”


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