Residents Baffled By Friendly Peahen Who Loves Watching The Local News


Residents of a quaint market town have been left baffled by a PEAHEN which roosts on their roofs – and invites herself into their homes to watch TV.

Penelope the peahen mysteriously arrived just over a year ago and has since settled in as part of the community.

She is often seen strutting her stuff around the town’s streets and popping into people’s homes to catch the local news.

Penelope the peahen who has taken up residence in Royston, Herts.

Resident Anne Cook, 62, said: “She has come inside the house before while I wasn’t looking- I came back and realised that she was sitting in the living room and staring at the local news.

“The big question is, where on earth did she come from?

“I couldn’t imagine the answer, but I remember the first time we saw her, I was just in the garden talking to the neighbours and she appeared out of nowhere.

“She roosts above our house and she tends to go into other people’s gardens.

“Now she sleeps up in the trees at the ends of the garden- she comes along at sunset every evening to eat the bird-food we leave out for her.”

Penelope the peahen who has taken up residence in Royston, Herts.

Since her arrival in Royston, Herts., August last year, Penelope has become popular with residents, including those in a nearby care home.

And with a stable home, she is also busy trying to start a family, and can be seen roosting on a number of eggs which she has laid in a garden.

It’s not known where she came from, but locals believe she may have come from a local farm or smallholding.

Anne’s husband Stuart, 70, said: “She’s free to do what she likes.

“I think she’s happy enough drifting around.

“Whether she’ll lay more eggs in our neighbourhood I’m not sure, but I think we should leave her be.

“It would be cruel to imprison her.”

Penelope the peahen who has taken up residence in Royston, Herts

Anne and Stuart don’t know how long Penelope will stay but they think she is a welcome addition to the area.

Anne, a researcher, added: “She probably just wants food but she’s wonderful to have around!”


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