Reporter Shomari Stone breaks up fight whilst filming


ABC news reporter Shomari Stone turned have-a-go hero when he broke up a fight while filming a story.

Reporter Shomari Stone breaks up fight while filming

The Seattle-based journalist was filming by the city’s waterfront when three men began scuffling nearby.

In the video, below, Stone is beginning his report when he suddenly looks behind the camera and shouts: “Hey, hey…. Watcha all doing?”

The camera spins round to three guys having a punch-up nearby, with a fourth soon joining them.

As one of the guys is pushed to the ground and repeatedly pummelled Stone decides to intervene, yelling “Stop, you’re going to hurt him” and wrestling with the men.

The man is set free while the others insist to Stone that he was trying to rob them.

Stone replied: “I know but you could hurt him if you keep pounding on his face like that.”

Video: Watch the hero reporter in action


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