Remote control responsible for most Christmas family arguments


The TV remote control causes more family arguments on Christmas Day than anything else, it has emerged.

Remote control responsible for most Christmas family arguments

Rows over who is in charge of changing channels beat a host of other reasons for bust-ups on the big day, including cheating at board games, who washes up and Dad getting drunk.

The second most common reason for family feuds is Mum getting stressed in the kitchen, followed by the kids not pulling their weight around the house.

The poll of 2,000 adults was commissioned by makers of the Buffalo LinkStation which allows users to store their movies at home and replay them anywhere in the world via the web.

Deciding what time to open presents, scoffing too much chocolate before dinner and deciding what Christmas day movie to watch also appeared in the list of triggers.

A spokesperson for the Buffalo LinkStation said: ”Christmas day can be stressful and very few families will escape Christmas Day without the odd quarrel.

”But all the reasons for arguments in this list are pretty superficial and hopefully won’t cause any real issues this Christmas.

”Although, ownership of the TV remote and deciding who watches what on the box does seem to be a bone of contention for most families.

”The Buffalo LinkStation allows families to watch movies they have stored, so should diffuse most arguments in the home over Christmas and guarantee nobody misses a thing.”

Children are also a big cause of a rumpuses – with kids’ not tidying up after opening presents and using mobile phones and laptops during the family dinner completing the top ten ding-dongs.

Both Mums and Dads having too many festive tipples are cause for aggro, as is the temperature of the house and teenage kids constantly logging on to social networking sites.

Everyone falling out over what new DVD to watch and not having room to accommodate distant relatives also featured in the list of Christmas arguments.


1. Ownership of the remote control
2. Mum stressing over the Christmas dinner
3. No one helping Mum
4. Who washes-up
5. Cheating over a board game or charades
6. What time to open presents
7. Kids eating too much chocolate before dinner
8. Deciding which Christmas day movie to watch
9. Not tidying up after opening presents
10. The children using their mobile phones / laptops whilst at the dinner table
11. Dad not wanting to watch soap opera Christmas specials
12. The kids moaning about their presents
13. Old family feuds that resurface
14. The temperature of the house
15. Dad having too many pre-dinner tipples
16. The kids constantly checking social networking sites via phones and laptops
17. Kids all wanting to play their DVD’s at the same time
18. Not having enough space to put up relatives
19. The cost of entertaining relatives
20. Mum having too many pre-dinner tipples


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