Religion Researcher Gordon Speahl releases promised third book – GOD: THE ULTIMATE DICHOTOMY


godAmid times when religion is a point of debate in our public affairs, schools, and everyday life, Author Gordon Speahl offers a fresh perspective on religion based on scientific deductions, with implications that coincidentally align with the current state of public affairs.

Gordon Speahl is pleased to announce the launch of his 3rd book as promised, “GOD: THE ULTIMATE DICHOTOMY”. The book, which is now exclusively available via his blog (Speahl seeks to create a dialogue and invites opinion), shows readers the facts of both research and biblical truths, offering some clarity in times when religion is being highly scrutinized, and human relations are contentious.

While Speahl says that his book is for audiences ages 18 years old and older, “GOD: THE ULTIMATE DICHOTOMY”, has been written in clear, concise language that anyone can understand. Speahl offers compelling and thought-provoking conclusions based on logical reasoning while offering a presentation that keeps readers engaged.

Some of the questions addressed directly and indirectly in this new book are…

Where do all the races come from?
Why are you Black, White, or Brown?
Is there more than one God?
Are Israelites black people although in a white skin?
What does it mean to be equally yoked?
Where is heaven?

Speahl hopes that his book will offer some answers for those who seek answers to some of these questions, more information and links to purchase the book can be found at:


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