Red mist: Argentinian referee sends off entire football team


An Argentinian referee set a world record last week after sending off 36 players and officials involved in a mass brawl during a football match.

Red mist: Argentinian referee sends off record 36 football players and officials

Disciplinarian Damian Ruino took the extraordinary step of dismissing all 22 players, substitutes and some technical staff from each side after the game descended into farce.

He produced the 36 red cards in the Claypole vs Victoriano Arenas clash on February 26 in a game in D Metropolitana- the lowest domestic league in the greater Buenos Aires region in Argentina.

Dozens of players are seen squaring up before exchanging punches and then chasing each other around the pitch.

Ruino abandoned the game immediately, sending off every player from the field of play.

Victoriano Arenas manager Domingo Sganga said he was furious after the game and claimed some of Claypole’s players “wanted to kill me”.

Claypole boss Sergio Micieli  meanwhile accused the referee of over-reacting.

He said: “Most players were trying to separate people. The ref was confused.”

The previous record stood at 19 dismissals when ref Jose Manuel Barro Escandón went card crazy in a match between between Recreativo Linense and Saladillo de Algeciras in Spain in 2008.

Video: Watch the mass send-off below


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